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The Sempaya Hotsprings in Semuliki National Park

The Hills of Ntoroko are a beautiful sight just from the first glance; located just a few miles from the Semuliki national park.

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The winding roads by the steep sides of the hills lead you into Sempaya, a village where the famous Semuliki National park is found. This park is mainly beneficial to the birding community and a few animals; you get a chance to take in nature and its freshness, River semuliki among others.

One of the other wonderful features to see in Semuliki park are the Sempaya male and female hotsprings. The water contains minerals that the locals use for healing purposes, at times tourists get to boil eggs in the hot water.

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According to the scientists, there is a technical explanation of the origin of  the hotsprings while on the other hand the local community –the  Bamaga clan have an ancient tale of how the offsprings came about. Some Bamaga clan women had gone collecting firewood when they found a hunter; the man who later became known as Biteete, was taken on by the clan, given a wife but when he was hunting one day he never returned home. After three days, the men went out to search for him and at the present day site of the male hot spring they only found a spear but no traces of the man.

The male hotspring

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When the wife (Nyansimbi) heard the news, she ran to the forest never to return. In the search, only her clothes were found at the present day female hot spring. This was how the two springs came to be known as the male and female hot springs and to-date the Bamaga perform annual rituals at the springs to appease their ancestors and the national park allows them access.

The female hotspring

To the male hotspring, there exists a wild walk way so in case you would love to “model” in the wild, Semliki has it for you;

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The natural jaccuzzi (always has hot water throughout the year)

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